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Let's Talk About Blogs Linky

This little blog started out as a way for me to escape some of the craziness of my life and reach electronically out into the world.  Not that I don't love the crazy in my life - I do!  
But, teaching in a Title I school with all its special challenges is demanding enough - now throw in 3 boys, a husband, an itty bitty house, and a cat.  Mix in a dose of ADHD, Asperger's, a whole bunch of middle school homework, a couple of toddler tantrums, and a broken toilet.  Now that is nothin' but fabulous!

Life comes at ya fast, baby - duck or catch!

(I also feel I must mention that the last boy is 3 years old and I am 46 years old - yes, do the math.
46 - 3 = I am nuts!)

So blogging is a way for me to connect with other educators out there in cyberland - to keep me thinking, learning, collaborating, and hopefully prevent my brain from imploding:) 
But, since I am still fairly new at this and I have much to learn, when I saw Melissa's post on her blog First Grade Smiles about blogging etiquette and followers' expectations, I decided to jump in. 

 So here goes...


I am using The Army Wife Teacher's idea and listing my answers below:)

Why do you choose to follow a certain blog?
I usually am drawn to blogs that have ideas I can put to use in my own classroom.  I like pictures!  I want to see the pic so I can stick it quickly in my brain (or better yet, Pin it!)  I like a little wit and humor, too, but I really am looking for new insight and ideas.
I usually follow blogs that follow me - I figure if they found something on my blog that made them want to follow me, maybe we have something in common and I can find insight on their blog.

 When you leave comments, do you expect a response?
I do not really EXPECT a response, although it is nice.  Sometimes I will check back for a response, and sometimes I will subscribe to the comments so I can either see a response or see what others have to say.

What is your favorite thing about 
reading and following other blogs?
I love new ideas, pictures, humor, freebies, linkys, blog hops, and some giveaways (the super huge ones kind of freak me out:)

What turns you off when reading 
other blogs or comments you receive?
  • fonts that are difficult to read
  • posts that are too wordy with no visual breaks - too hard to read
  • too much product promotion
  • comment verification (I turned mine to no verification and no anonymous comments - I get ZERO spam!)

  • I really am interested to hear anything anyone has to say when they comment on one of my posts!  I'm flattered that anyone took the time to comment.  
  • That said, I don't like it when folks only comment in order to ask me to follow them.
  • But, I do love for other bloggers to leave a link to their blog when they comment!

Do you follow any blogs by e-mail?
Only a few and only when I cannot follow through the blogger feed.  I really rely on Facebook  to alert me to new posts.

My question:
Do you use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, TpT, etc.?
 I use Facebook and Pinterest quite a lot and I love to follow others.  I like to see the links for those pages right at the top of a blog so I can quickly link up.  

Thanks, Melissa for a great linky idea!

And while you're here, I might as well offer you a freebie:) 
Hope you can use it!



  1. Hi Nikki! Thanks so much for linking up :) You sure do have a lot on your plate, but I'm sure those smiling faces you see when you get home make it all worth it!!!

    I loved your responses - very thorough! I wasn't sure if the question form would be enough room so I'm happy to see you just answered below so you could fit in all you wanted to say. I agree that I don't love the comment verification. Sometimes I can't even figure out what the letters are :) It's so interesting to know that you rely on Facebook to alert you of new posts. I have a Facebook page but haven't been linking my posts to it directly. Maybe I should start doing that. Although, I don't have as many followers on there. Definitely something to think about.

    Love your blog and happy to have found you!

    First Grade Smiles

    1. Yes, those 3 boys sure are worth it:)
      (And the toilet is being replaced tomorrow (yay) so there's one less thing on my plate!)

      Thanks so much for hosting the linky! I think I didn't have enough room to put the answers in the form because my blog has three columns, making the middle column rather small:( But I'm kind of wordy so I still would've needed more space!

  2. a great linky and I should say I read my answers to all the questions listed,don't be angry if I copy you,haha:)

    Enjoy Teaching English

    1. Copy away! Great minds think alike :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Someone else hates the verification!!! Sometimes I think the only one that can read this is a computer! You and I have a lot of similarities! We could swap war stories about three boys.

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math

    1. War stories - yep! It does feel like Lord of the Flies around here sometimes!

  4. I like using Facebook, Pinterest, and TpT as well. I just recently started using Twitter. I am still not sure what I think of it. I agree about having Facebook links at the top of the page. I don't want to have to search through the blog for the link.

    Ms Richards's Musings

    1. I think I would lose all contact with the world without FB! I haven't tried Twitter, yet. Not sure if I can manage one more thing!