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Embracing My Social Media Dorkiness

My latest journey into new ( to me ) social media has revealed two things:

1.  I am still a bit flummoxed by Twitter.
2.  I LOVE Instagram

Even though my 13 year old, steeped in social media, too cool for mom, son will not accept my request to follow him and will not follow me.
Me:  Why can't I follow you?
Son:  You just can't.
Me:  Are you posting stuff you don't want me to see?
Son:  Yes.  I mean, no.  Nothing inappropriate.  It's just...  Really, Mom.  It's just not ok for your mom to follow you.
Me:  Okay, I get that.  Why won't you follow me?
Son:  I don't know.  I guess I could.  I just...
Me:  You just don't want to see my teacher crap while you're looking at all the cool stuff your friends post.
Son:  Yes.  No.  I mean...   You know, kids don't really say 'cool' anymore, Mom.
Me:  What do they say?
Son:  I don't know.  Are we done?

But, I digress into the mysterious and inexplicable world of a teenager.  Back to Instagram.

I love Instagram.  It's like Facebook without the drama.  Pictures everywhere to feed my short, summer attention span.  Little peeks into other people's lives which either make me feel either incredibly inferior or greatly relieved when I look back into my own life.  Another time sucking internet hole.  I love instagram!

So I thought I would do a photo-a-day challenge to sort of jump into Instagram and get my feet wet.
But my 'cool' media specialist son says it's dumb and annoying I am a complete dork for doing it.

Well, I don't care!  I will revel in my dorkiness!  And I will take pictures of odd, random stuff for a month!  I will post it and hashtag it!  And I will join in solidarity with all the other moms of teens in the time honored tradition of embarrassing our children by doing 'mom stuff!"

#dorkymomoftheyearaward  #sillystuffteachersdoinsummer  #Iloveinstagram

I join Kacie from Managing and Motivating Math Minds in her Teachers of Summer Instagram Challenge
You can find Kacie here:  @mmmmkacietravis

Check out my summer teachery photo stuff and join in!
And leave your instagram link in the comments so I can follow you!


  1. I am so glad you posted this. I have had a personal instagram, but just yesterday I started one for educated related. This will be a great way to jump in. I also created one on twitter...I hear it is the best Prof Dev out there..haven't figured that out yet!

    1. I just can't get a handle on Twitter yet:/ The chat thing thoroughly confuses me!
      I just followed you so maybe we'll run into each other in #socialmedialand :)

  2. I saw this the other day and wanted to do it too! I was just being pumped full of Percocet a the time. And now I feel all behind. And this percocet thing isn't going to be letting up for a few more days... Might be some really weird pictures out there...
    The Meek Moose

    1. Looking forward to your weird pictures:) Hope you're feeling better, by the way. Although, the Percocet kinda guarantees that...

  3. Well, I'm joining in on it! I'm with you on not being a fan of Twitter though. Your convo made me laugh!

    Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. Sadly, that is representative of almost every conversation I have with that boy! The teens years are going to be rough...
      Looking forward to your pics!

  4. Nikki, First off, let me say that I found your blog through your post on the use of clip charts that one of my friends posted on FB. Wow! What a powerful, thought-provoking read! I loved it, especially the comment that the colored clip chart doesn't change behavior. It is usually the same kids that move their clip everyday. My daughter was the type that it stressed her out and all she would focus on was what color she and her friends were at the end of the day. Thanks for sharing your insight. You put it beautifully! Next, I too LOVE Instagram (lanagamma). I always explain it just like you did... FB w/o the drama! I have started following more teachers and admin this summer and get new ideas everyday. I would love to connect with you there too! I have a blog, but it is used more for documenting my family happenings, but am hoping to start a professional one this school year. I guess I have rambled enough. I'll be back soon! :) Lana

  5. I did a live twitter chat the other night using #teacherfriends. I'm very good with tech and i was dumbfounded by how hard it was to keep up. it was like having 5 different convos at the same time in the same room. it would be awesome for older kids to discuss books, etc.