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Fall Fun with the Virginia Teacher Bloggers

As sad as I am to see summer go, I must admit that autumn in Virginia is beautiful.  We are so fortunate to have four distinct seasons, each one with it's own beauty and benefits.

Autumn in central Virginia is usually still rather warm, with temps in the 70s and even the 80s some days.  My children wear shorts right on into November most years.  The nights cool down a bit and it's nice to sleep with the windows open.  No AC and no heat, just nice breezes blowing through open windows, frogs and critters singing throughout the night.

This weekend, all my boys and I will hit the pumpkin patch and bring home our jack-o-lantern fixin's.  Here are some pics from previous pumpkin trips:

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning!  
Here is this year's pic:)

And now to share a little pumpkin fun!
Word problems are so important for our kids.  They need to have daily opportunities to solve all different kinds of word problems.  And not just any old problem we come up with on the fly.  

Did you know there are four different types of word problems?  
And 11 subsets?  Take a look...

But who has time to come up with several new problems every day?  And to make sure all the different problem types are covered?  I do!!  And I am sharing a part of the new October Daily Word Problem packet.  I hope you can use it and if you like it, the whole 60 page packet is available on TpT HERE, as well as several other Daily Word Problem Packs.

Click the picture to get the freebie:)

And now on to the next stop in the hop for another Fun Fun Treat:)


  1. Today is the perfect day for pumpkin picking. The weather is awesome! I hope that you all find your perfect pumpkins! Happy to hop with you again! :-)

  2. Enjoyed seeing your pictures. I think this looks like a great product, and so useful. Thanks so much, Nikki!

  3. Love the pics! Thanks for a great Freebie!

  4. Your word problem packs are ALWAYS amazing! Thank you so much!! :)
    Fashionable in First